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Get ready to explore a more fashionable and higher quality experience of wearing Islamic women clothing through our accessible and reliable shipping process. We guarantee that your dream clothing for your next big event or simply wear it as your outerwear or party dress will be filled with confidence and satisfaction.

Go beyond what will make you stand out and surely, you can easily experience what is meant to be comfortable and satisfying. Choose our Stylish outfits crafted by creative and skillful Islamic designers and manufacturers.  

In order for you to have a more satisfying experience with our store, it is best recommended for you to get more familiar with our shipping terms:

• Each of our product will take around 6 days to be completely made.

•  Also, it will take around 15 to 25 days to arrive at your address. Meaning, you will take a total of 21 to 31 days before you receive your order.

• We exclusively ship our clothing products from our office through reputable courier companies. And, once that your order is being processed and then dispatched, we effectively provide live tracking details to locate your order by means of our courier partner’s site.

• We highly offer two shipping options, Standard “ 15 to 25 days” and Express “5 to 10 days”  for all the destination worldwide at a very affordable cost.

• We greatly offer you an exclusive free standard shipping with a particular amount of orders for various countries. So, the more you order for high-quality Iranian women clothing, the more chances for you to save money on shipping.

• In case that the international and the domestic carrier already attempted 3 times delivery on your specified address before they contacted us, your package may be considered as not deliverable. In this case, you can track your package by means of using the tracking facility of the carrier and we can provide you the tracking number via mail.

When the package status has shown to be undeliverable, you can freely contact the customer service a local number of the carrier. Also, you may opt to quote your tracking number so that you can trace your package easily.

• In case that your package is returned due to incorrect or outdated address, we consider the status for order as closed and there will be no issued refund. So, make sure that you are providing the correct and current address.

• If you order will be sent as a gift and the recipient refused to accept the package, the package will be returned to us and considered as undeliverable. Make sure to inform the recipient in advance that she will expect a package.

• If the package turns to be a refused delivery and then returned to our office as refused delivery, the order status will be considered as closed and there’s no refund to be issued.

• If in case that any duty or taxes were already due, the carrier will require a payment for the delivery time. If you out of your home during the delivery time, you can use a shipping address to where someone is quite available to sign for your package. If your package status appears to be undeliverable, you can call the carrier’s customer care service local number or even quote your tracking number for easy tracking process.

• You have to be aware that you will be charged by the customs of your government in a case that the shipping address is outside of our address. We are not responsible for any fees or duties being charged by your government. You are the responsible one in paying you’re the duties and taxes directly to the carrier at the time of the delivery.

We highly appreciate your great interest in purchasing one of our best quality Iranian women clothing. We are quite confident that you will be get satisfied with your order as well as to our services. We hope that the above shipping information will greatly help you to have the better understanding of our process.

We are quite enthusiastic working with you as well as providing your needs. We aim nothing but to give you the best quality products together with our accessible and reliable shipping terms. We hope to do more business with you and supply you more products characterized with high quality. Shop today!