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Iran’s Islamic dress code has a large influence in what people, especially women, wear. For many years, Iranian women are forced to use street wear that are everything but creative. As such, a lot of people especially the young generation choose to turn to Western labels to look for more stylish alternatives. But this time around, the tide is turning with more stylish, vibrant and colorful Islamic women outfits created by Persian designers and tailors dominating the Iranian fashion industry.

Transforming Uncreative Islamic Women Outfits to Brilliant, Chic Fashion Styles

The Iranian fashion which was once uncreative and drab is now presenting fashion wear of modest designs, vibrant colors and chic styles. The Islamic women outfits are showing that you can be elegant and chic at the same time wearing modest outfits. Persian designers and tailors are successfully elevating Iranian fashion by utilizing the latest fashion trends and adding some creativity with it. Using just a bit of mix and match, Iranian women and other Muslim women can be as fashionable as Western women do.

A lot of Muslim women talk about the problem of not being able to find their desired streetwear. They always end up wearing streetwear in really dull colors that are nothing but drab. They couldn’t find a streetwear that are as beautiful, vibrant and stylish as Western labels but isn’t against the Islamic dress code and allows them to express themselves. Today’s Persian designers and manufacturers can see the demand and feels the same way that Iranian women wanting to better the Iranian fashion industry. As such, Iranian designers are creating their own style and launching clothing lines that are aligned to fashion trends.

Islamic Fashion – A Sensitive Area but Demanding Industry

he fact remains, however, that Islamic fashion is a very sensitive area. Designers are under a lot of pressure and scrutiny from religious authorities that ensure fashion designs truly follow the Islamic dress code. This has made a lot of people unwilling to take the risk of pushing forward Iran’s restricting fashion. Obtaining all the permissions for a brand to operate legally is often costly and time consuming.

However, with a huge demand there are many Iranian designers that are working secretively and use social media in order to advertise their products.  While there are unregistered designers, there are also many registered brands that have obtained all permissions for selling authentic fashion-forward Islamic women outfits. These brands showcase Iranian fashion wear that are modest but stylish at the same time. They show that you can be truly fashionable through colorful manteaus that allow them to look incredible and different than before.

Combining western and eastern design as well as colors and creativity, Persian designers are able to created designs that are well-shaped, pretty and comfortable. The emergence of modern Iranian designers now working actively and publicly, younger generation of Iranian women started favoring their brands than Western labels.  Today, many find it great to have an option that is based on their own taste and style rather than putting up with styles of foreign brands.