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The Islamic dress code in Iran significantly limits what the people especially the women can wear. For a lot of years, the designs that emerged from Iran were unappealing and drab with a lot of people who turn to the Western brands for the stylish alternatives. On the other hand, this particular tide turns. Here at, we examined the fashion designers who make the name for themselves in the country across the different parts of the world:


Anar means pomegranate in Persian and it is the fashion brand that was established in 2006 by Anousheh Assefi and it focuses on updating conventional Iranian fashion for the young & modern market. This brand is also specializing in the lines of manteaus and scarves, which is a form of stylish overcoat worn by women across Iran. Assefi competes with the international brands through showing a deep understand of the fashion needs of women and requisites in the country.

In this fashion brand, Assefi makes use of a selection of patterned and vibrant fabrics and paid more attention to the line & fit of her products that makes them very attractive to her chic and young audience. Assefi doesn’t allow it to prevent her put emphasis on the modernity, beauty and style. Anar Design is recently the unregistered brand and it basically uses social media for the promotion of its new products and new lines.

Naghmeh Kiumarsi

Naghmeh Kiumarsi has been regarded as among the leaders of the contemporary fashion in Iran these days and started creating and designing at a very young age. Her aesthetic beautiful blends of the Persian tradition with the modern design seeks to reflect the heritage of the country and its culture through those clothes which appeal to fashionable, modern women. Her work is mainly targeting the Iranian audience but her work gains recognition in the different parts of the world and she launched recently her brand in the United Arab Emirates and has been nominate as the designer for a fashion show in the Edinburgh Iranian Festival.


Pooshema or simply Poosh is the very famous clothing brand that was introduced by the fashion designer named Famaz Abdoli. Being a student of the graphic design, she was frustrated to learn that there are just limited choices in terms of street wear for women in Iran.  She then decided to address the issue alone, as she wanted to design a clothing line for women that will have the entire elements of the modern fashion whilst still adhered to the dress code for Muslims.

It gave birth to Poosh, the brand that is making the international fashion trends available for women of Iran. Compared to some other brands available, Poosh is a great registered brand that means the products it offers are accepted and approved by the authorities together with the Ministry of Culture.


This clothing line was launched in 2012 by Maryam Vahidzadeh. Its fashion aesthetics is quite appealing to the quirky youth of Iran with the mixture of colorblock tights, playful prints & dramatic accessories. Her brand became registered in the recent months yet Vahidzadeh pursues to run a huge deal of her company through her official page on Facebook, introducing and promoting the latest lines while communicating with her valued clients almost every day. Through her job, Vahidzadeh, just like some other fashion designs in Iran, encourages expression and creativity by means of fashion in Iran and encouraging the people of Iran to seek out their type of fashion instead of turning automatically to the brands from the western part of the world.

If you want more information about these designers and their works, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can direct you to them for your other concerns.