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The World's Best Women Fashion Brands for Muslim Women Now only Available at

The World's Best Women Fashion Brands for Muslim Women Now only Available at

Muslim women usually wear designer labels beneath their exterior garments and they also want to wear stylish outwear. Fashion designers are waking up to this need for trendy Muslim clothing and specialized stores, fashion shows and websites are springing up across the United Kingdom. The European fashion labels are starting to embrace Muslim fashion.

In the year 2009 at the Jeddah fashion show and The Saks Fifth Avenue Riyadh held at the George V hotel in Paris, top European fashion labels including Blumarine and John Galliano showcased models wearing couture abayas. Designers have realized that many Muslim women are wearing designer brands, but these garments are usually covered by a black abaya. This has led them to consider the idea of producing designer abayas.

The retailers and designers seem suddenly to have woken up to the fact that Muslim women are as interested in fashion as any other women, and whilst a cynic might put this down to the recognition of a very lucrative and as yet virtually uptapped market, a wider availability of fashionable Muslim clothes must surely be good for Muslim women everywhere. Here, you will learn and know some of the world's best women fashion brands for Muslim women.

· Inayah- It is considered as London based online brand of elegant and classic wardrobe pieces that have the ability to maintain the balance between comfort, practicality, style and modesty.

· Haute Hijab- This fashion brand for Muslim women was born in the year 2010. It is considered as the faith-driven modest alternative. It is designed to provide modern hijabs and top quality designer clothing while nurturing an inclusive and vibrant community.

· Diana Kotb- It is a Ready-to-Wear label from Australia. The garments are crafted and designed as an exploration of female form in the most modest of ways.

· AAB Collection- This collection sets out to produce garments that offers comfort, style and simplicity that is always preferred by Muslim women who plays numerous roles in the society.

· Dian Pelangi- This fashion brand for Muslim women was born to promote the traditional outfits of Indonesia and to specialize in the Muslim fashion field. Its identity lies between the assorted and various colors of rainbow and traditional manufacturing process.

· Aere- This word means “the nature of grace”. It is considered as the new fashion vista by Malaysian blogger named Raja Nadia Sabrina. This fashion brand for Muslim women is inspired by the beautiful balance and nature between strength and grace.

· Amirah Couture-This fashion brand for Muslim women was founded in the year 2012. This clothing line meets fashion and modesty with a flare of lively philanthropy. Their abayas and hijabs are inspired by the Arab spring countries such as Egypt, Syria and Palestine.

· Madeena by Mizz Nina- It is a well-known urban clothing design company that offers the best of urban clothing to Muslim women in different parts of the world inspired by Malaysian hijabista. This fashion line is demure, chic, street and ready to wear.

· Ria Miranda- It is recognized as fashion brand of Indonesia. The fashion brans started the trend of utilizing pastel colors as a great symbol of modesty. Today, these colors have become the core identity of this fashion brand for Muslim women.

Muslim women are well-versed in the requirements and nuances of their religion. They are well-equipped to introduce the traditional garments to the world of high fashion. For more information about the best fashion brands for Muslim women, browsing the web or having a thorough research can be a big help. There are lots of websites that provide valuable information about the stated topic above.