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The Best Islamic Fashion Abaya Brands for Modest Muslim women

Islamic designers are known for their creativity, talents and skills in fashion design. The names of several Islamic trends are now creating fuzz in the fashion industry and with their fantastic works and excellent expressions of styles, passions and creativity; these designers are now becoming the leaders of modern fashion.

Most of these Islamic designers are behind the best Islamic fashion brands including the following:

Collage Mezon

This Islamic fashion Hand made and drawing brand specializes in manteaus and scarves line which are types of fashionable overcoats widely worn by Islamic women. On this Islamic fashion brand, the designer uses patterned and vibrant fabrics and pays close attention to lines and fittings making this more attractive to chic and young audience. This brand also offers modernity, beauty and style.


This brand is known for its uniqueness and elegance. Its designs include sophisticated pieces, elegant lines, soft draping, and elegant lines and is equally striking.


This brand is considered one of the biggest leaders in in today’s   Modern Fashion. One of the special features of this Islamic fashion brand is that it features perfect blend contemporary design and Islamic tradition. This brand also reflects the amazing culture and heritage of Ira through clothing that appeals to fashionable and modern women. The Chee brand is also noted for its intricate and lovely embroidery that recalls Islamic poetry and calligraphy as well as patterns that reflect basic geometric designs.


This is also another famous Islamic fashion brand by Islamic designers. This brand was created with an intention of designing line of women’s fashion with all contemporary fashion designs while still adhering to the dress code of Islam.Zima is actually an exclusive brand which makes global Islamic fashion trends highly accessible to many Islamic women.

Royal Manto

This was launched and its fashion aesthetic tends to appeal more to youths in  Islamic world. This brand is known for its playful prints, dramatic accessories and color block tights.


The Golsib Islamic fashion brand depicts a very graceful and smooth nature. This stylish and modest Abaya line is especially designed for Muslim women who love balance between grace and strength. This is highly preferred by Muslims especially Muslim women who view themselves as nature lovers.


AAB accumulation sets a massive distinction to all Islamic stylish and quality clothing in nowadays. It considers offering the best solace, style and effortlessness of most Muslim ladies in nowadays. This is suited for those ladies who deeply consider themselves and those with many different roles to play in the society.

Dian Pelangi

 This is also another Islamic fashion brand by Islamic designer that is conceived towards promoting conventional Indonesian outfits which are mainly designed for Muslim fashion. Its popular character lies in the middle of different hues typically found in rainbows and other customary manufacturing procedures.

Haute Hijab

This is likewise considered to be one of the known Islamic fashion brand which was originally created in year 2010. This is a modest alternative Islamic  fashion brand  providing some sort of Islamic apparel that sustains comprehensive and dynamic group or community This is normally picked in light of highest  quality materials utilized as a part  the clothing that could impress other ladies out there.

Diana Kotb

This is a ready to wear Islamic fashion brand which is expertly designed and crafted for the perfect fit and best looks. This is one of the best Islamic fashion brands that depicts great design and innovation and can perfectly suit modest and elegant women.