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Welcome to! We are here to bring to you the best of the Islamic modest clothing that you will surely love. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, trendy and comfy Islamic modest clothing that matches the trend of today whilst remaining adhered to the Islamic dress code. is the premier destination for top quality, modern Islamic fashion that was ethically produced in the sweatshop-free premises. Our Islamic clothing for women ranges from abayas, hijabs, maxi dresses, tunics, maxi skirts and wide-leg trousers. We also have something great to offer all Muslim men as we have thobes, kufis, jubbas and long shirts in our collection.

Since the very start, has become a very popular brand name in the Muslim community across the world. Our founders believe that it is because of the truth that our brand name became synonymous with the product’s quality that they can provide. A few of the slogans and designs that we feature became very well-known and it is not surprising to see them on the silver screen and worn by the artists at the major concerts. is recently inundated with exhibitors and performers who like to help promote this brand.

Our founders have explained that it’s not attempting to gain the foothold within the retail market yet it is more a journey of making a bigger audience more aware and enable the audience of it to feel the sense of pride in wearing the designs without compromising the quality or the style.

Each collection that our website features comes with extraordinary amount of hard work at the back of it. Every product begins within the sketch pad owned by our designers before moving to pattern cutters & garment workers. We have thee quality control process in which each garment will be inspected. We pack and then ship the products abroad for sale. We then take photos of our garments and we hire a professional photographer, rent locations and then pay models.

The photos will be processed for the site by our staff. The work of around 100 individuals from the sewers to the graphic designers, go to photographs and products that you can see in our website. Our product’s design and quality innovation is just guaranteed if clothing is bought from our website. You could identify authentic clothing simply by looking at the product label. All of their clothing features our distinctive label on the neck with our logo on this. When the garment does not have our label, it is not genuine clothing from

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Here at, you can always hope for the best value of your hard earned money. We are committed to providing the best for our valued clients as we want to see them happy in what they can get from us. We are always giving our very best when it comes to serving our clients as we are after keeping them satisfied and that we want them to come back and recommend our products to their friends and relatives.

We never let ourselves be left behind when it comes to fashion. We are always trying to find the latest trends in fashion as we want to always have something new to offer our clients. Rest assured that through our website, you would be able to find a lot more things to enjoy that you will surely love.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are just a phone call away for any concerns or questions that you may have.