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The Best Muslim Fashion Brands by Islamic Designers


While you love all those renowned worlds fashion brands, Iranian designers around the world are also making their own mark in the Islamic fashion brands.  Fusing fashion trends with faith, their fashion items really introduce a chic and cool look.

Islamic fashion gives out such impressive stretches beyond faith. This is a trend that continuously becomes bigger and bigger. To further explain more about the best Islamic fashion brands these days, here are the top choices you should consider:

1. Inayah
This is a London based online brand that offers its elegant and classic wardrobe clothing pieces.  This also maintains its sense of balance between style, comfort, modesty and practicality.

2. Haute Hijab

This is an Islamic fashion brand which was born in the year 2010. This is a faith-driven and modest alternative Islamic fashion brand. This also provides its modern Islamic clothing that nurtures its inclusive and vibrant community. This is chosen because of their high quality material used in this clothing that will impress other women.

3. Diana Kotb

Diana Kotb is indeed a ready-to-wear women Islamic fashion in Australia. This is also exquisitely crafted and designed. These are the best Islamic garments that explore and innovates the best and the most modest fashion looks for women.

4. AAB Collection

AAB collection sets such significant difference to all Islamic fashionable garments these days. This offers the best comfort, style and simplicity among Muslim women these days. This is also suited for those women who play some of multiple roles in these days society.
5. Dian Pelangi

Dian Pelangi Islamic fashion brand is born to promote traditional Indonesian outfits with emphasis on Muslim fashion. It has its fashionable identity that lies between assorted and various colors that are usually found in rainbows and other manufacturing processes.

6. Aere

Aere Islamic fashion brands portray such a graceful nature. This fashionable clothing line for Muslim women is inspired by a sense of balance between strength and grace as well as nature. That is why this is chosen by Muslim women who consider themselves as nature lovers.

7. Amirah Courture

Amirah Courture is another impressive and amazing Islamic fashion brand that meets and exceeds the modesty needs of Muslim women. This clothing line also puts emphasis on a lively philanthropy flare. The abayas and hijabs offered by the fashion brand are primarily inspired by some Arab spring countries like Egypt, Syria and Palestine.

8. Madeena

Madeena is indeed an urban clothing Islamic fashion brand that always takes pride of being one of the best clothing items of Muslim women all over the world. This fashionable clothing line is primarily inspired by a Malaysian Hijabista. This fashion line is ready and simple to wear, demure, chic and very impressive to look at.

9. Ria Miranda

Another best Islamic fashion brand these days is the Ria Miranda brand. This trend started with the use of pastel colors as an important symbol of Muslim women’s modesty. As time passes by, this pastel color became one of the most important identities of clothing brand with its recognition and reputation in the Muslim fashion market.

These are the top best Islamic fashion brands by Iranian designers you should always choose if you aim to be in a trend in the Muslim fashion. These fashion brands are known for their best features and impacts that could help enhance your look and appeal when you go out. So, choosing any of the above-mentioned Islamic fashion brands can help you out. There is no need to hesitate further as these are simply the best Islamic fashion brands to watch out for!