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No! Return Policy

Please carefully review all of your size measurments, billing and shipping information for their accuracy before you submit your orders. Once you have already placed an order, you can no longer change or cancel them.

Here at [WWW.MUSLIMOUTFIT.COM], it is the satisfaction of our valued customers that we prioritize. As a trusted Muslim women dress store, we guarantee that every design is made according to the exact size and measurements of very customers.


All of the products and designs that we sell here at [WWW.MUSLIMOUTFIT.COM] are ensured to be high-quality and are made from the measurements and sizes that are given to us by our customers. That is why is are not accepting returns nor give refunds for items that are already sold and shipped.

As much as we would like to, we cannot accept your returns and give the refund for your items because we believe that it is you who personally gave us the exact requirements of the Muslim outfit that you want to buy. We are doing our best to comply accurately with the information that every customer provides us. Given the fact that it is you who gave us the measurements and sizes of the clothes you need, it is at our own discretion to implement a “no return, no refund policy”.

If you have any questions or clarifications about our return policy, you can freely contact us at [0066929039003] or send us a message via email at [email address]. We are more than willing to explain and help you understand our return policy 24/7.

We do not accept any returns on purchased items online or at our store location in [location]. We are informing you that we are not accommodating any in-store purchase with online cards or any exchanges.

This return policy is made clear and concise for your security and knowledge about your shopping experience here at [WWW.MUSLIMOUTFIT.COM]. Rest assured that we will continue to update our policies if we ever have additional discretions that we would like our customers to know. It is our duty to guide you as our valued customer to the rules that we follow in terms of our product sales.

What Cannot be Returned

• Items that are described as “Yardsale” or “Final Sale” cannot be exchanged nor returned.

• We ensure that our merchandise and collection all have tags that attached and if they are not sent back to their original packaging, such as missing shipping labels, we cannot accept them.

• We do not take the responsibility for any soiled, washed, altered, worn or customer damaged items that you purchased from our store. You cannot make your returns for these items.

• If you are not that certain about the sizes and measurements of the clothes that you want to buy or if it is for another person, please ensure that the information that you provide us are all true so that you will not have any problems with the items once you received them.

Here at [WWW.MUSLIMOUTFIT.COM], it is important to us that our customers know about our return policy. We may be strict with our no return no, refund policy but this is only to ensure the quality of our designs. Our return policy is also to guarantee our customers that all of our clothes are made by trusted Persian designers and manufacturers.

[WWW.MUSLIMOUTFIT.COM] aims to show its transparency as a business that provides stylish and fashionable wear for Muslim women. The quality of our Muslim clothing is a core priority for us to keep our customers satisfied. We would like you to take the time to read our return policy first before placing your orders. It is better that you understand your rights as a customer before choosing our products.

[WWW.MUSLIMOUTFIT.COM] only designs and creates Muslim women clothing that will purely serve your needs and requirements. This return policy is to inform you that items that are already sold and bought are subject to our no return, no refund policy. Please be guided accordingly as you shop for Muslim women clothing here at [WWW.MUSLIMOUTFIT.COM].

Thank you for trusting and shopping here at [WWW.MUSLIMOUTFIT.COM]!