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If you’ve been spending your life on a quest searching for the best Islamic fashion shop online, we will put an end to it. We are your one-of-a-kind Islamic fashion sanctuary that provides nothing but the highest quality. All you have to do is to contact us using different platforms and networks for more information. You can reach us by Email, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line. 



As a fashion designer and a brand curator, (MUSLIM OUTFIT) channels its passion for trendy fashions into finding the outstanding and emerging stylistic designs and bringing the fashionable ideas to the market.


From the sketch to the market, we are able to launch emerging designers, who have a high-level of passion in clothing quality and designs. Our arrays of products are stylish and fashionable for modern Muslim women as outwear or beautify a party dress. On our online store, the customers are always given a good chance to see what they are looking for and find the best Islamic fashion designers that surely fits them.

We are an online store that sells today’s Muslimah women Apparel. But FYI, we are not just the usual clothing line you used to know in the virtual space. We don’t just sell products, in which the customers have to pick and put the items in a cart. No, we’re not like that! We believe in personalized service where every finished dress you wear tells a meaningful story of our passion and dedication. With us, you are given great options while letting you get the most of your buying experience. Don’t sacrifice your taste. With us, you are in good hands.



How Does It Work?


Visiting our website, the customers will see who they are working with. On this page, you will view each designer’s gallery. We gathered the most popular and talented Hijab designers and manufacturers worldwide to share their expertise with you. Once you find the right designer that you think can exceptionally create a custom-made dress for you, you will have to click them. By clicking your preferred designer, you can have a good chance to review their works through their designer’s gallery page.


You can see arrays of products of that creator. Feel free to browse the items and choose which one you think is perfect in your personality and style. From there, you can make a purchase but some outfits  will be tailor-made according to your measurement and size. How to do this? All you need to do is to fill out the dress measurement size form and then register. The form can be seen on your chosen designer’s page.

Depending on what country you came from, the products you requested may take up to 10 days to be finished and be ready to ship. But before it arrives on your doorsteps, it passes a thorough quality check from a trained eye. That's it!



What Set Us Apart?                                                                                                               

Our business model is different than the usual online store out there. And perhaps that is one brilliant thing that makes us unmatched. What else?

Our products are fashionable and stylish. To complement more with this perfection, we always make sure that the highest quality fabrics are only used in the manufacturing process. In addition to that excellence, we are only using the expert designers and manufacturers to do your requests. This is to make sure that the finished dress you get is at the highest quality possible. All designers have their own knack in different styles and designs. As the best Hijab fashion online shop across the globe, there is no reason of not finding your taste with us.

With our insider knowledge of the Muslim women clothing and a great flair to bring together the most talented designers and manufacturers, (MUSLIM OUTFIT) becomes a part of the spread heading development of the industry, creating a cutting-edge software, where the customers can acquire the finished product according to their sizes while having a direct access to the most renowned and innovative custom-made fashion designers worldwide.

In the end, who we are is less imperative than who you are. All we want is to make you happy in all purchases you made – and that’s what makes us happy too.

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