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Happy Customers

Jared S.

Was I in Hawaii?! No. Did I feel like I was in Hawaii?! No, because it’s snowing outside. But, would I wear this in Hawaii ❤️

Dean D. US

Always getting compliments from family, friends, and strangers. 🤗 🙌

Jesicca A.

Hands down one of the best shirts I’ve ever owned. Fits great, feels amazing, seems to stay cool and is somewhat water resistant.

Elizabeth C.

Absolutely my favourite shop! The clothes are beautiful, I can always find something. Love it.

Katie S.

"I could live in your shop, your sixes are suited for normal size women and I can always find something I love."

Dean D. US

Love it so much

"Short dress in a printed viscose weave with a round neckline, opening with a button at the back of the Seams with small frill trims at the waist and on the sleeves and skirt. Unlined."